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About US

About eDigital.ART

eDigital started as a group of art industry veterans inspired by the beauty of the works from within the Ella Fontanals Cisneros Collection. Over the years, we have imagined a world where we could share the wonderful feeling of what this art inspires within us to the rest of the world. In 2021, world-renowned art collector Ella Fontanals-Cisneros gave us her blessings to do just that. 

Using 2D and 3D technologies as the process, and with the development of smart contracts on the Ethereum blockchain as the means of providing authenticity, eDigital has set out to share the beauty and wonder of prestigious contemporary art collections with the world. Operating from our 5,000-square-foot multi-media workspace in Miami, FL, and with the backing of Ella Fontanals-Cisneros, eDigital is on a mission to bring real-world art to the digital world.

What We Do: The Process

We start with the careful selection of only the most appropriate real-world artworks from the EFC collection. We then decide how best to present the artwork in a digital medium. Our options include 3D object scanning, 3D object creation, or high-resolution 2d imaging and video. Depending on the artwork, we will select the best method to faithfully recreate them so they can be brought to a whole new audience on the Internet and beyond.

Digitizing a Sandu Darie sculpture

What We Do: The Product

After we have finalized a 2D or 3D reproduction of the real-world artwork, we will decide how best to present the final piece in a digital file. This can be in a short 4K rendered video meant for display on video walls or digital frames, or as the raw 3D object directly for when interactive presentation may be necessary or desired. Either of these digital files will be authenticated as a genuine digital interpretation by Ella Fontanals-Cisneros or the original artist. A non-fungible token (NFT) will then be created on the Ethereum blockchain for this digital work.

There are many NFTs on the Internet and there are a great many very skilled artists making original digital works on various NFT marketplaces. What sets eDigital apart is that each of the NFTs we mint, is an authentic digital representation of a real-world artwork. Purchasing an eDigital NFT allows you to be a part of a prestigious art collection and as such, be a part of an elite online community.

eDigital Goals

  • Provide a unique opportunity to own a digital reproduction of select works from the EFC Collection.
  • Build a bridge between the traditional art market and an expanding digital audience.
  • Create additional revenue for artists on future sales and resales of their works.
  • Support the arts by promoting select artworks, and artists.

So join us, look for our NFTs and be a part of a new generation of digital collectors before it's too late!


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