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The Emperor #4

El loco 0 400
The arrival of a new order or the ability to create it. Stability. Certainty. 

'El Emperador' (The Emperor) is card #4 of the 'Glenda's Tarot' digital work by Glenda Leon.
 Inspired by the physical work Concrete Music (Piano), 2015-2019.
When you master the spiritual world, you are able to transform the physical world. The square as a symbol of stability, control, certainty, truth; the background as a symbol of the spiritual where one navigates. The impossibility of falling; elevation to a higher realm from which to transform reality. Rotate around your own axis and not around the axis of others. Control of passions, or the transformation of them into something concrete: a relationship or a desired job. The power to turn things around, to take on something new, to create. Reaching perfection, peace - it is the silence after the music. This card can mean the arrival of a new order or the ability to create it. On badly aspected occasions it can suggest excessive control and an inability to see a situation in its full spectrum.
Tarot - The practice of tarot emerged in Italy around the 15th century as a form of entertainment, which later spread to much of Europe. The Major Arcana are 22 individual numbered cards, each one represented by a character or symbol, such as the Fool, Death, the Wheel of Fortune, among others. Before the emergence of the printing press, tarot cards were illustrated by hand, being commissioned by artists as if they were a pictorial or sculptural work. This tradition has continued throughout history, and more recently, we have seen recreations of tarot designs made by artists such as Salvador Dalí, Leonora Carrington, Remedios Varo, among other artists who have been attracted to the deep mysticism around the subject and the visual impact of tarot cards.
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